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Optech Super Pro Strap "B"

Finally, your medium format and other cameras with retaining lugs can benefit from OP/TECH USA's patented weight reduction system. The Super Pro Stra is available in a choice of two clip designs (Version A and Version B) to better fit the different camera models on the market. Please refer to the table to determine which version is right for your camera.

Optech Super Pro Strap "B"

  • Cameras Version A Version B
    Bronica (ETR and some ETRC)        X  
    Canon EOS M (Must use supplied locks)        X  
    Fujifilm GFX 50S        X  
    Hasselblad        X  
    Kiev        X  
    Mamiya except M645 Super & M645 Pro               X
    Olympus IS1 and IS2          X
    Pentax 6X7          X
    Pentax 645          X
    Pentax LX        X  
    Rollei          X


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