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Godox TT350-O Mini Thinklite TTL Flash - Micro 4/3rds

This TT350 Mini flash mainly use with popular cameras or mirrorless cameras and is compatible with TTL autoflash. TT350C/TT350N/TT350S/TT350F/TT350O/TT350P separately applies to Sony/Nikon/Canon/Fuji/Olympus (Panasonic)/Pentax cameras. It is easy to gain perfect light effects.

Godox TT350-O Mini Thinklite TTL Flash - Micro 4/3rds

  • Built-in Godox 2.4G Wireless X System

    • With a compact body, 2.4G wireless transmission and 30 meters further transmission distance.

    Master & Slave Flash 

    • When using Godox 2.4G wireless X system, TT350 series are perfectly compatible with other products of our company. As a master unit, TT350 series can control the following slave unit models: AD600, AD600M, AD360II, AD200 etc. As a slave unit, TT350 series can be controlled the following master unit models: X1, V860II, V850II TT685, TT600, etc.

    Fully Support TTL Functions

    • Support for TTL autoflash, 1/8000s High-speed sync, Flash Exposure Compensation, multi flash, manual flash, etc. 
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