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Canon Speedlite EL-100

Easily add light to indoor and outdoor shots with the Speedlite EL-100. This intelligent flash provides more power than a built-in flash, with a simple mode dial for easy set up and use. The horizontal and vertical bounce capability of this Speedlite gives you bright and flattering results both indoors and outdoors, letting you light your subject creatively by bouncing the flash off walls and ceilings, or by remote-triggering off-camera. Explore creative features like Stroboscopic Flash for freezing a subject in rapid bursts, and 2nd Curtain Sync Mode for accentuating the sensation of speed – both great for capturing moving subjects.

Canon Speedlite EL-100

  • Guide No. (ISO100).meters: 26 (50mm)

    Zoom head: Yes, Manual

    Focal length coverage: 24, 50mm

    Auto zoom for sensor size: No

    Auto exposure control: E-TTLII/E-TTL

    High speed sync (FP): Yes

    Manual / output settings: Yes - 1/1- 1/128

    Manual steps: 1/3 step

    Strobe / output settings: Yes

    Frequency: 1-500Hz (1-199Hz using optical Sender function)

    Video light: No

    FE lock: Yes

    Flash Exposure Compensation: Yes (set on camera)

    Flash Exposure Bracketing: No

    Second-curtain flash sync: Yes (set on camera)

    Modelling flash: Yes

    Colour temperature info communication: Yes

    Transmitter: Yes

    Transmission type: Optical

    Signal range (Infra-red/Radio)

    Indoors: 0.7-11m / -
    Outdoors: 0.7-8m / -

    Reciever function: Infra-red

    Sender function: Infra-red

    No of groups (Optical/Radio): 3

    No of channels (Optical/Radio): 4

    Flash head movement

    Up: 45, 60, 75 and 90°

    Left: 60, 75, 90, 120, and 150°

    Right: 60, 75, 90, 120, 150 and 180 °

    AF Assist Beam: Yes

    Battery: 2 x AA batteries

    Minimum recycling time: Approx. 5.8sec

    External power supply; No

    Dust and water resistance: No

    Mounting foot material: Metal

    Custom Functions: 3 (6 options)

    Flash settings from camera menus: Yes

    External flash exposure sensor: No

    PC terminal: No

    Compatible Accessories: Off-camera shoe cord OC-E3

    Dedicated flash bracket: No

    Size (W x H x D): 64.6 x 91.7 x 71.0mm

    Weight (Excluding batteries): 190g

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