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Benro GD3WH Geared Head

The Benro GD3WH Geared Head is designed to offer photographers fast and precise camera positioning. Precision movement in all three axes using the large control knobs allows minute adjustments to be made, guaranteeing absolute precision positioning for a perfectly framed shot. Large movements can be made by disengaging the gearing.

  • Magnesium Alloy construction:
    Overall weight of just 740g with 6kg weight capacity
  • Arca-style Quick Release plate:
    Swap between heads without the need to change plates.
  • Three Sprit Levels:
    make sure you are set-up perfectly level for every shot.
  • Head movement:
    Tilt Up/Down +90*/-30* Tilt Landscape –90*/+30*.

Benro GD3WH Geared Head

Out of Stock
    • Maximum Load:  6kg
    • Tilt Range:             -90°/+30°
    • Drag Control:       No
    • Quick Release Plate: Arca Swiss Style
    • Bubble Level:        Yes
    • Dimensions:           145x139x109mm
    • Weight:                   .74kg
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