Zhiyun Smooth X Phone Gimbal - Grey
  • Ultimate Flexibility at Your Palm. A Phone-size foldable gimbal weighing only 246g which easily fits into your bag or even your pocket and provides surprisingly stable footage with your phone.
  • Telescopic Grip for That Perfect Angle: Release the possibilities to shoot the way you want. The built-in aluminum rod can be extended up to 260mm, making SMOOTH-X a great tool for group selfie.
  • Simplicity Rules: SMOOTH-X brings unimaginable simple and smooth operation expreience - shoot, film, with only three buttons.
  • Intelligent Gesture Control: Taking a photo or recording a video is as easy as showing a V gesture or waving to camera with your palm.
  • New App - ZY Cami for Awesome Edit:ZY Cami offers SMART video modes where you can find a bunch of filmmaking templates. Kick start the phone filmmaking even if you got zero video editing skills.

Zhiyun Smooth X Phone Gimbal - Grey