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VSGO AIR-move hurricane filtered air blower

This amazing hurricane blower cleans the air whilst in use using it's air filter (5 supplied), making sure no dust is blown onto your film, lenses or camera sensor.

One problem with conventional hurricane blowers is that they draw air from their surroundings, and blows it out unfiltered, so any dust drawn into the bulb could be blown onto the item you are cleaning. This blowers air filter helps to dramatically reduce those risks.

Supplied with 5 air filters and two different nozzle lengths, this blower really does cater for all your cleaning needs.

The suckered base allows you to stand your blower upright on any smooth surface

The two nozzles are made from soft silicone which helps avoid any accidental scratching of delicate surfaces and provides some flexibility in the nozzle.

1 x Large Silicone blower bulb
1 x Long Nozzle
1 x Short Nozzle
5 x Air Filters

VSGO AIR-move hurricane filtered air blower

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