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Slik GX 640 3W Tripod

Light in weight but heavy in value: The SLIK GX 640 3W is a full-size photo and video tripod, complete with a 3-way head and it weighs in at just 1.22kg.

With a folded length of 47cm, the 4-section legs, with oversized flip-lock levers, allow it to extend up to 156cm and work as low as 47.5cm.

The GX 640 3W features anti-slip, rubber-tipped feet and the geared centre column (with crank handle), allows precise height adjustment. The legs feature lockable bracing, which allows leg angle to be adjusted and provides maximum stability. A built-in bubble-level ensures everything is straight. There is also a DIN standard quick-release shoe (with spring-loaded locating pin) which allows quick access to your camera, without the hassle of having to unscrew the camera from your tripod. A carrying case is included

Slik GX 640 3W Tripod

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