Polaroid Now+ i type Instant Camera

Combining the autofocus capabilities of the Polaroid Now and the creative functions of the Polaroid Onestep+ to let you tinker and play to get the shot that's right for you. Polaroid Now+ is our revamped analog instant camera with even more creative tools. Get 5 new lens filters, and unlock two extra tools — aperture
priority and tripod mode — inside the Polaroid mobile app. Try light painting, double exposure, manual mode and more. Plus a tripod mount to steady your ideas inside the original Polaroid square format frame.

Compatible Film:
Polaroid 600 and i-Type film


Len Filter Information
Red Vignette: Creates a deep red halo around the frame to highlight your subject.
Starburst: Adds flare to light to give a starry-effect to your photos.
Blue: Turns color photos into hazy, twilight blue. Also deepens contrast in black & white.
Orange: Makes skin tones smoother and brighter. Also boosts contrast in black & white.
Yellow: Makes black bolder and white brighter. A favorite in black & white photography

Polaroid Now+ i type Instant Camera

  • Camera Dimensions: 150.16 mm (L) × 11.22 mm
    (W) × 95.48 mm (H)
    Weight: 457g (without film pack)

    Compatible Film: Polaroid 600 and i-Type film