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Peak Design Travel Tripod - Aluminium

The Peak Design Travel Tripod Aluminium is the most portable, packable and easy-to-setup professional tripod in the world. For years, traditional tripods have suffered a critical flaw: needless bulk and wasted space, the result of a spatially inefficient design. By redesigning the tripod from the ground up, Peak Design has created the world’s most portable travel tripod, one that packs to the diameter of a water bottle, without sacrificing height, stability, or load capacity. But Peak Design didn’t stop there. Travel Tripod is radically faster to setup/takedown than traditional tripods and features more ergonomic adjustment points, built-in mobile compatibility, and thoughtful usability details at every corner. Peak Design developed a system of non-inverted legs that rapidly deploy along an aligned system of locking cam levers. With three swift hand movements, the legs can be fully extended and ready for action.


Peak Design also optimized the Travel Tripod ball head to operate more fluidly than traditional tripod heads while still prioritizing spatial efficiency. Travel Tripod eliminates bulky and confusing knobs with a single adjustment ring for simple and smooth 360-degree adjustment. Peak Design’s proprietary quick-release plate technology facilitates lightning-fast camera attachment, easily accommodating a full frame DSLR or mirrorless camera with telephoto lens and is compatible with Peak Design carrying equipment and with Arca Swiss tripod dimensions. Furthermore, Travel Tripod’s ball head measures just 3.25 inches in diameter, keeping it aligned with the packed profile of the tripod’s legs for exceptionally compact carry.


Plus, it’s built for life on the road: durable, fully serviceable, and backed by the Peak Design lifetime guarantee. The Travel Tripod Aluminium is supplied in a box which contains: Travel Tripod Aluminium (legs + ball head), soft case, Standard Plate, mobile mount, load hook, 4mm plus 2.5mm hex wrench and bushing removal tool.

Peak Design Travel Tripod - Aluminium

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    • Max Height : 152.4cm
    • Min Height : 14cm
    • Closed Length : 39.1cm
    • Maximum Load : 9kg
    • Leg Sections : 5
    • Weight : 1.56kg
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