Metz M360 Flashgun -Nikon

Metz presents an entry level flash that can easily be mounted on any camera and, with its self-explanatory operation, is a reliable companion for many photographers, who especially appreciate speed, for example when photographing events and outdoors.

With its 190 gram weight and compact size, the mecablitz M360 is not only lightweight, but is also easy to use, making it perfect for beginners. It hardly needs any space in the camera bag, it is instantly plugged into the camera - and you can use the flash straight away. Only two buttons are necessary to control it: The power button turns the flash on and off; the second button displays the various operating states of the M360 (flash ready, exposure OK, standby* etc.) and triggers a test flash. The camera determines the correct illumination of the subject via TTL, whereby the maximum guide number 36 at ISO 100 provides enough power for almost all lighting situations. Thanks to its compact format, the mecablitz M360 is ideal for mirrorless compact cameras, but also DSLR users will appreciate the self-explanatory operating concept.

Metz M360 Flashgun -Nikon

    • Maximum height guide number 36 at ISO 100 (105 mm)
    • Vertical (-7 / + 90 °) and horizontal (270°) swivel reflector.
    • Simple operating concept.
    • Motorised zoom for 24 -105 mm illumination.
    • Integrated wide angle diffuser for 14 mm illumination.
    • Extendable reflector card.
    • Flash readiness and exposure control indicator on the device and on the camera (depending on the camera)
    • Automatic device shutdown.
    • Wake-up function through the camera.
    • Metal base with quick lock (except Sony Multi Interface version).
    • TTL flash operation.
    • Synchronisation on the 1st and 2nd shutter curtain (depending on the camera).
    • 64 x 100 x 80 mm (width x height x depth)
    • Weight: 190 g

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