DÖRR Led Ring Light DRL-232

Ultra-bright LED ring light with variable brightness adjustment. Ideal for use with macro and close-up photography – also great for portraits. The annular order of the LEDs ensures shadow free illumination in the close-up range. For a three dimensional illustration with lateral shadow, the ring light can also be positioned above or aside the lens. ¼" tripod socket at the bottom. For an optimum direction, use the supplied hinged bracket. Well suited for DSLR & DSLM cameras.

DÖRR Led Ring Light DRL-232

  • Number of LEDs



    Light Intensity

    approx 1.100 Lux/1m


    Colour Temperature

    5800 K ± 200 K Dimmer: 20% to 100 %


    Alternative Energy Source

    Li-Ion Battery Type SONY NP-F550 (optional)



    Ring Light approx. 16 x 2,5 cm,

    Control Unit approx. 9,5 x 6 x 4 cm,

    Battery Pack approx. 7 x 3,7 x 6,3 cm



    Ring Light with Control Unit approx. 300 g,

    Battery Box empty approx. 62 g