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Benro BLB1 Universal Camera L-Bracket

The Benro Universal L Bracket is designed to help improve the stability of your camera when shooting in Portrait mode. If using a ball or 3-way head, when you move your camera to the portrait position you reposition the camera so that it is no longer supported on the tripod, it is now ‘hanging’ off the tripod head.

When using the L Bracket, whether shooting in landscape or portrait, the camera always stays supported on top of the tripod head, improving stability and providing sharper images. It also means that when you move between landscape and portrait mode the camera angle of view moves less, making it quicker to adjust.


The BLB1 is a Universal Bracket, so while compatible with a wide variety of DSLR and Mirrorless cameras, some adjustment of the camera positioning on the bracket may be required to gain access to the battery, memory card and cable doors.

Benro BLB1 Universal Camera L-Bracket

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    • Dimensions:     7.5x11cm
    • Weight:               0.11kg
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